Like reading Thackeray edited by Elmore Leonard

Favourite Authors

AE Housman
One of the most lyrical of all poets. Chestnut Casts his Flambaux is a favourite poem for his unique combination of bitter beauty. bitterness towards the briefness of life and the pain.

GK Chesterton
Favourite of all writers. For the music and vision of his language and his passionate love of life. And his belief in God and man. Collected poems particularly The Ballad of the White Horse.

Rupert Brooke – Letters and poems.
This book is Anne’s oldest possession. It is a leather-bound book given to her by her father from when he attended Cambridge University.

Thomas Costain’s History of the Plantagenet Kings
For bringing the people of history so vividly to life.

Robert Crais
His characters are so vivid, simply to be in their company is a pleasure.

Michael Connolly
Who doesn’t care for Harry Bosch?

Jonathan Kellerman
He makes the deepest villains understandable.