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Twenty-One Days

Twenty-One Days
Twenty-One Days

The queen of Victorian crime, New York Times bestseller Anne Perry, returns with the first in an exciting new generation of Pitt novels. Daniel Pitt has twenty-one days until a man is hanged for murder...

TWENTY-ONE DAYS is the first in an exciting new generation of Pitt novels, featuring Daniel Pitt, by New York Times bestseller and queen of Victorian crime, Anne Perry.

It is 1910 and the century is full of change. Sir Thomas Pitt, Head of Special Branch, has persuaded his son, Daniel, to take on his first case as a newly qualified barrister. Having successfully defended his client and made a lifelong friend, Daniel is summoned to the Old Bailey to assist in the defence of renowned biographer Russell Graves, who is accused of the brutal murder and disfigurement of his wife. When the jury finds him guilty, Graves is sentenced to be hanged in twenty-one days' time.

Graves insists he has been framed and when Daniel discovers that Graves was writing a shocking exposé of Victor Narraway, Thomas Pitt's former friend and mentor from Special Branch, he fears the worst . . . This exposé reveals state secrets so damning that someone might have wanted to silence him. And that 'someone' might be Daniel's father. With the reputations of those closest to him at stake, Daniel is in a race against time to uncover the truth and ensure that a man isn't sent to the gallows for a crime he didn't commit . . .

  • "There is a freshness about [Perry's] writing which makes it truly exceptional and I was gripped until the final page. Death on Blackheath was one of the best books I've read this year and I cannot recommend it highly enough'" Eurocrime, September 2017
  • ""A page-turning thriller . . . blending compelling plotting with superbly realized human emotion and exquisite period detail"" Jeffrey Deaver, September 2017
  • "'Anne Perry's Victorian mysteries are marvels of plot construction'" New York Times, September 2017
  • "Perry kicks off a new series in a new era by handing his first big murder case to the son of her longtime hero Sir Thomas Pitt, head of the Met's Special Branch (Murder on the Serpentine, 2016, etc.).Almost literally yanked out of the courtroom where he's defending dicey private inquiry agent Roman Blackwell on a charge of homicide, Daniel Pitt, who's been a junior barrister for only a year, is tapped to assist his distinguished colleague Toby Kitteridge in the much higher-profile defense of Russell Graves, a tell-all biographer charged with bashing his wife, Ebony, to death in her bedroom and setting her head on fire. The case is already winding down when Daniel steps into the Old Bailey, and his emotional last-minute questions aren't enough to save Graves from a guilty verdict. But Marcus Ford Croft, Daniel's head of chambers, doesn't intend to let that verdict stand. He demands that Kitteridge and Daniel get it reversed, Kitteridge by looking for new legal arguments, Daniel by finding new evidence, before Graves hangs in three weeks. Hardly has Perry begun to count down the days to the execution when Daniel comes across a stunning new development: The subject of Graves' latest exposé was none other than the late Victor Narraway, an old friend of Sir Thomas Pitt, who's liberally smeared along with his mentor and predecessor. Now that Daniel's reasons for wanting to see Graves executed are at least as powerful as his reasons for seeking his acquittal, the stage seems set for an epic battle of conflicting passions and loyalties. Alas, the windup of the case is a lot less compelling than its setup. Even so, Perry, who seems just as comfortable in 1910 as she ever did back in Victoria's day, provides a great first half and raises a number of pointed ethical questions before she rescues her hero from having to resolve them." Kirkus, February 2018
  • "Anne Perry’s new series features an unconventional lawyer, Daniel Pitt, who does not hesitate to do things his own way. Readers will quickly fall in love with Pitt, following along as he investigates a gruesome murder and chuckling as he throws those involved off kilter. Perry is a master at bringing setting to life, and readers will be taken in by the time and place as they get to know Daniel Pitt and those close to him in this engaging novel. When new barrister Daniel Pitt and his associate lose a prominent defense case and his client is sentenced to be hanged, their boss takes issue. Daniel is tasked with finding out who truly killed Ebony Graves in order to spare her husband Robert from the gallows. However, time is running short as his execution is scheduled in just 21 days. As Daniel digs into the case, things take twist after twist. Reviewed by: Sarah Frobisher" RT Book Reviews, February 2018
  • " Daniel Pitt, son of the legendary Thomas and Charlotte Pitt, is a young barrister determined to save his client from execution. Biographer Russell Graves was convicted of killing his wife and setting her body on fire. Daniel and his colleague Kitteridge have 21 days to find evidence to overturn the conviction Russell hangs. While Kitteridge looks for legal loopholes, Daniel investigates other suspects. Set ten year after Murder on the Serpentine, Perry's excellent new series launch expertly takes the Pitts into a new century and makes use of the scientific advancements of the time, fingerprints and X-rays, to add fresh drama to the courtroom scenes. Daniel, having been so lovingly raised, is unused to the more complicated side of the law and life. Consequently, he comes across as a little naive. This innocence is mostly endearing, and he is surrounded by an exciting cast of hopefully recurring characters. Verdict: Fans of Perry's long-running 'Thomas Pitt' series will delight in following the adventures of a new generation." Library Journal, February 2018
  • "“The maven of well-crafted Victorian mysteries and author of both the William Monk series and the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mysteries introduces the Pitts’ son, Daniel, junior barrister, in this first of what proves to be an intriguing, entertaining, and character-centric new series. . . . In a story that’s nicely tied to the characters in the Pitt series, Perry introduces Daniel and his cohort, the brilliant Miriam fforde Croft, and raises the knotty question of whether some clients are truly undefendable.”" BookList, February 2018