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Murder on the Serpentine

Murder on the Serpentine
Murder on the Serpentine

The 32nd novel in the popular Victorian crime series featuring Thomas and Charlotte Pitt. 

London, 1899.  Head of Special Branch Commander Thomas Pitt is summoned to Buckingham Palace by Queen Victoria for a secret mission.

In the twilight of her years, the Queen is all to aware that the Prince of Wales will soon inherit her empire and must be beyond reproach.  she tells Pitt she tasked her close friend and confidante, John Halberd, with investigating the Prince's friends, specifically Alan Kendrick, a wealthy playboy and betting man, but before he could report back, Halberd was found dead in a rowing boat on the Serpentine.

The death has been ruled an unfortunate accident and the investigation closed, but the Queen is not convinced that all is as it seems and tasks Pitt with finding the truth.

Forced to act alone in this most sensitive of investigations, Pitt finds himself embroiled in a plot that threatens not only the reputations of men, but also the safety and reputation of the Empire ...

  • "“For nearly four decades Anne Perry’s riveting detective novels have played out against the backdrop of the Victorian era. Fans of British royalty will delight in Murder on the Serpentine, which spotlights the woman this British author reminds us was ‘queen and empress of a quarter of the earth’ during her 63-year reign. . . . Perry writes meticulously laid-out police procedurals, and Pitt’s methodical investigation sets the novel’s early, steady pace. The tone becomes darker and more urgent when Pitt bumps up against Halberd’s and Kendrick’s friends and enemies, as well as their ‘downstairs’ help — the people who always know best what’s going on in their masters’ lives. Blackmail, double agents, illicit weapon sales and the stench of treason arm this novel with the power to entertain as well as enlighten readers on matters of history, crime-solving and devotion to queen and family. In a lovely closing scene, Her Majesty bequeaths Pitt with a most satisfying gift, one that will have Perry’s fans cheering.” The Washington Post   “[This novel’s] strength lies in the quiet, emotionally intelligent interactions among its characters. . . . Even newcomers are likely to be charmed by scenes that deepen Pitt’s family relationships.” Publishers Weekly" Publisher's Weekly, 2017