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Slaves of Obsession

Slaves of Obsession
Slaves of Obsession

Monk agrees to attend a dinner party at the lush home of arms dealer Daniel Alberton, whose daughter is madly in love with the American Lyman Breeland, who wants to buy munitions for the Union Army. But then the handsome Confederate Philo Trace appears on the scene and he just happened to have secured a deal with Alberton beforehand. When Alberton is found murdered and his daughter has run off to America with Breeland, Monk and Hester follow only to find that they may be chasing the wrong suspect...

  • "Perry’s characters are richly drawn and the plot satisfyingly serpentine. However, the best element in this novel is Perry’s depiction of the excitement preceding and the butchery during the Battle of Bull Run, reminiscent of Thackeray’s unflinching portrait of Waterloo in Vanity Fair. As Hester uses her Crimean War nursing experience to aid the stricken soldiers, her feelings of revulsion and inadequacy are especially compelling. A remarkable addition to the Perry canon." Booklist,
  • "An impressive tale, well plotted and full of surprises." Historical Novels Review,
  • "Perry breathes fire into her main characters… This is one of her best." Pittsburgh Post- Gazette,
  • "... meticulously constructed series." New York Times Book Review,
  • "This is one of her best." Chicago Tribune,
  • "Hollywood is reading Slaves of Obsession by Anne Perry… I hate to start her books because I don’t want to finish, because then I have to wait for the next one." King Features Synd.,
  • No. 1 on Livres Hebdo Bestseller list
  • Main Selection, Mystery Guild
  • No. 1 on Booksense Bestseller List
  • No. 10 on Publishers’ Weekly Bestseller List