Like reading Thackeray edited by Elmore Leonard

New York and San Francisco

Just back from a wonderful trip.  All sorts of weather alarms - snow here in the Highlands - which never came and still hasn’t.  Possible snow in London which came and went before I got there.  Terrible snow on the Eastern Seaboard in America - which was very slight in New York.  I had no trouble anywhere!  Not even fog in San Francisco, or on my return through London and it was sunshine like spring for the drive north from London back home to the northern Highlands.  A cloudless evening when I got here - gorgeous!

Perhaps there is a lesson in that?  I can’t imagine I am the only one who worries too much.  “Be prepared” is an excellent watch word.  Then pack carefully, and then check again, but after that let go of it!  There isn’t always a cloud, sometimes it is only a silver lining, nothing else.  A bright band of light across the sky.

Make all the checks.  Where am I?  Should I be here? Do I have everything that belongs to me?  Luggage, handbag, coat etc.?  What time is it here?  Then enjoy!

New York was busy and full of really stiff brain-storming with my London agent and my New York agent.  We outlined, filled in detail and character for five books!  Enough to last until our next “summit” meeting.  Two and a half days.

Then I flew to San Francisco to the San Francisco Writers' conference ( which was officially work, but actually was great fun.  We all stayed at the Mark Hopkins Hotel on Nob Hill.  Very nice.  The restaurant on the top floor is called ‘Top Of The Mark‘, has all around windows over the city and bays.  You can see the Oakland Bridge and the Golden Gate and all the islands.  Try it at sunset on a cloudless evening!  It has to be one of the great views of the world.  And the weather was perfect, sparkling sunshine and about 70 degrees F.  This is February!!

I met terrific old friends, and made really fine new ones.  There was so much wonderful conversation, intelligent, witty, profound, thought provoking and often funny.  We ate good food, laughed and explored ideas on all manner of things.  

I learned a lot and have come back full of ideas to work (a soon as I really wake up).  Happy to be away, happy to be home, looking forward to the next trip - which is actually in a couple of days time!  But only short and to London.

But the whole world waits!