Like reading Thackeray edited by Elmore Leonard

Savour Each Day!

I can hardly believe another month is over. The weather is glorious, mild and sunny, but the Virginia creeper on the house already has patches of crimson. Its beauty always takes me unaware, a reminder of how brief and how precious time is, how in the fading year, one glory replaces another in rapid succession, and all gone too soon.

Note to myself – “Savour each day, don’t waste anything. Do all you can, the best you can, but don’t be in too much of a hurry to get to tomorrow – today has its gifts that won’t ever be exactly the same again.”

In the middle of the month I meant to write and say how much I had enjoyed the first ‘Bloody Scotland’ crime writers’ conference, held in Stirling. It was such a success that already next year’s is planned.

We stayed at the Stirling Highland Hotel and many of the events were held there. To anyone considering going to Stirling, I can recommend the hotel highly! It was comfortable in all respects, the views across the city were gorgeous, but above all, the staff were the most courteous and welcoming I can remember. Nothing seemed a trouble to them.

We had all the usual sort of events, panels, talks etc., but all with a uniquely Scottish flavour. It was instructive, encouraging, and above everything else it was fun. One of the last entertainments was a stage reading of the Sherlock Holmes adventure of the Red Headed League. You never saw so many red wigs in your life! Including mine! Laughter all round.

Those of you interested in crime writing in Scotland, consider attending next year. And in case that seems unlikely, if you live far away, we had about twenty American guests that I knew of.

Since then I have been to London and back, and am getting ready to go to Glasgow (and back) 3rd and 4th of October, and then on the 9th October to London, ready for the 10th to fly to Canada and then on the 21st to the United States. I shall return here on November 8th – at least that is as planned so far! I shall be in Calgary, Banff, Vancouver and then Los Angeles, then a couple of nights in London.

I hope to see friends, have adventures, and do some work. I have finally capitulated to the present age and purchased an iPad, so have no excuse for not keeping up with at least some of the communications – and writing again to tell everyone of the events, interests and beauties of wherever I am.

Have a good October!