Like reading Thackeray edited by Elmore Leonard

The Joy Of Travel When You're Unwell

One of my deep fears that I try not even to look at, is that I will be ill while travelling far from home.  It has all sorts of bad sides, including fear, embarrassment, pain etc.

Well it just happened. I had three days of airports, delays, long flights, hotels for what did not seem like nearly long enough, taxis, ten hour car drive.  And that is one ghost laid, not quite to rest, perhaps, but definitely quietened down a lot.

I met with such kindness!  

It began on the middle of Sunday at an airport feeling so faint I was afraid I would make an exhibition of myself by passing out in the big hall where you check in.  The man behind the punter literally sprinted to fetch a wheelchair for me, then helped me into it and tied a seat belt around me.

From then on I was helped check in, through security without having to get everything out!  Then to the gate.  That happened at the airport where I changed planes and had a three hour delay, leaving after one in the morning!   But escaping the fearful tornado which struck Oklahoma.  In fact we hide a smooth ride.

When I faintly got to London I was met at the aircraft door, wheelchair again, no waiting, no queuing, taken all the way to the taxi door!  And best of all, instead of the so often surly taxi driver, I had a gentleman, and I use the term intentionally, who helped me. nothing was too much trouble, and delivered to the hotel door, with my case beside me.  The kindness of strangers is a beautiful thing, a reaffirmation of all the good we hope is in the world.

It was a long drive north the following day, but no hasty stops necessary, and that is blessing we are all grateful for, when needed.

Now the weather has been bright, full of sun. The garden is blazing with flowers, loud with birds, and the sea is blue.

Best of all and for which I am so grateful I hardly know where to begin, I discover that two months of being progressively more and more ill, is the result of a medication to which I have an appalling reaction!!   Cure, stop taking it!!!! Go back to the old one.

Memo to myself........ be kinder and more patient to those who feel I'll, scared, far from home and dependent upon strangers...... You know what it feels like.  Be more grateful.  Don't sing, I sound dreadful, just smile, be patient, be gentler.  Be grateful.