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Developing Your Characters - Anne Perry

Developing Your Characters

Put Your Heart On The Page: Developing Your Characters, is the third instalment in Anne Perry’s popular series of instructional films aimed at the aspiring writer.  It follows on from her popular ‘An Introduction To Writing’ and ‘Plotting To Enrich Your Back Story’ films.

Anne Perry is much in demand at literary festivals and conventions across the US, Europe and UK and at each event, her talks and workshops were full to capacity, meaning many were disappointed not to hear their favourite author speak about the art of writing, along with her tips and techniques.  So, these films were devised to allow those who were unsuccessful in attending, hear what Anne Perry often talks about with regard to writing, including some funny anecdotes and real life experiences which help inform her characters.

Developing Your Characters, like its predecessors, aims to give the viewer an all important one-to-one learning experience which they can peruse at their leisure, stopping to take in what is being imparted, or to consider their own responses to questions posed, and there is homework in the way of exercises for those who are writing, to think about, such as ‘what does each main character want?  What do they need in their life, that provides a motivating force for them through the story?’  These exercises have been compiled by Anne’s long term literary agent Meg Davis.

For the discerning writer, this film, along with the previous two, are part of a compendium exploring the writing process.

Anne has also had the joy of hearing first hand, at some events, positive feedback about these films being invaluable in helping aspiring writers understand what is important in the writing process and, through this film ‘Developing Your Characters’, what makes them convincing so that your reader believes in them.

Put your heart on the page …

Diane M. Hinds